Romany (Ro) Titre Psychologist Psycholoog Marketing Consultant

Psychologist Consultant Musician

Psychologist Consultant MusicianPsychologist Consultant MusicianPsychologist Consultant Musician

"I love helping people and organisations grow and have more impact with creative business and life strategies"


Romany Titre MSc, is a Psychologist, Consultant and Musician. Science, arts and the humanities have been the core ingredients of her life, from studying singing as a young talent at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, to studying Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.  

After getting her honors degree in Clinical Psychology (2011), she has helped 200+ clients improve their mental health and well being and consulted a wide range of organisations, including multinationals, ngo's and governments on improving their global branding, marketing and communication strategy. 

In 2018, she led a large scale value research study, amongst 10.000+ people, resulting in a new value segmentation model that uncovers what drives us in the digital age.  Later that year she joined Glocalities to expand her expertise to an international environment with clients including G-Star, Unilever and the Van Gogh Museum.

What I do


Research & Consultancy

As a Senior Consultant at Glocalities I help international businesses grow and optimise their global branding, marketing and communication strategy and connect with people from all over the world.


Music & Art

As a musician I have been involved in various music projects, ranging performing the Matthäus Passion in het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, to producing and releasing my debut EP as a Singer/Songwriter.

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